If your business grows and you want to build a team with a strong culture, but it takes too much effort, time and it doesn’t work the way you want…


If you are ready to scale and need to hire high-calibre global experts, but you don’t know how to attract, select and retain the people you need…


If a change is needed and you start thinking of adding HR as your business partner, but you don’t know what a good HR looks like…
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What makes us unique

Our global Talent perspective comes from working in 4 continents and 19 countries.

While working with various cultures, industries and sizes of business we learnt that there is one thing that all global corporate and entrepreneurial businesses have in common around the world, it is the leadership challenge.  More specifically, leaders biggest nightmare is finding the right talent for the game changing positions and future leaders of their organizations.   We noticed that whether it is China, USA, Norway or South Africa, the “A- players” want to attract and hire other “A-players”, while inexperienced leaders tend to attract weaker employees, rush into hiring them, build random teams and eventually get poor business results. The good news is that everybody can develop leadership and people management skills. Capable leaders know what needs to be done and competent managers know how to make it happen. As a result teams begin to take ownership, work smarter, and dedicate themselves to the big goals which eventually make the enterprise thrive. Our training and coaching for leaders focuses on demystifying leadership best practice and applying pragmatic tools that do work. We share many case studies so that you learn from mistakes made by others in the past, thus avoid making your own. We make sure that our clients and their teams develop the right mindset while learning the techniques so that   leading becomes second nature, not hard work.

We take pride in converting corporate best practice into entrepreneurial talent solutions

Years of experience gathered in many countries with global corporations, government agencies,    start-ups and family firms make us a competent Business Partner to build and grow your enterprise through the right People Strategies.  We share what we did with Sheraton, Pepsi, Citibank, Hilti and many more…

Leadership Coaching

People Management Training

Building and developing HR

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